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Healthy Toolkit

This toolkit has been created to give a fresh new tool to inspire a change in everyday life of overweight, obese people but also normal weight people. As well this toolkit can be useful for trainers, to help them to find new activities for people and begin a pathway of habit change, weight loss and care of themselves.

The methodology

In the process of defining themes a very useful tool has been Narrative Medicine for main reasons:

It gives the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the obesity listening the voices of patients and people who live with them

It has been an opportunity to meet professional who manage this condition and also teachers who play a key role in the formation about healthy life style

The themes

These themes have been defined using narratives medicine:

•       Intelligent kindness for patients’ and families’ engagement

•       Diet, movement and other activities: a new lifestyle for children

•       Diet, movement and other activities: a new lifestyle for adults

•       Other than food for families encounters: beyond the meals as unique source for family members’ meeting

•       Other than food for healing a trauma, ceasing sorrow and filling the void

•       Preventing blindness of not seeing and not perceiving the body changes: towards a faster self –awareness and emotion awareness

For each topic has been created the following activities:

•       practical exercises

•       games 

•       Case study

•       A list of at least 5 websites and APP with a short explanation

How to use the toolkit

Is possible to choose any activity in any moment, there is not an order of topics or activities.