• WHAT

    It is vital for an obese patient learn to manage their emotions related with the food
    We must give intelligence to our emotions to learn to manage moments of anxiety, sadness, anger ... that incites us to satisfy it wrongly with food abuse
    The right thing must be a management without interfering in the processes of food intake
    Weight problems is generally are based behaviour and emotions promoted by such emotions
    It is these that actually affect the way we proceed in the day to day respecting with the food

    Short term

    1. Currently, the user usually provide importance to the food itself and giving less value to habits, being valid in short term but wrongly when we want to integrate a way of eating as a lifestyle
    2. Known diets or food strategies promoted by trade marks and the haste with which we want to achieve the objectives make today there is a distortion in the treatment of overweight by patients
    3. In the short term is easy to suppress emotions promoted by a instant motivation, which gives you strength to start but not to follow, it is here where emerge caloric restrictions with consequent increased appetite arise

    Long term

    1. The correct use of emotional intelligence is basic for taking awareness of the patient
    2. A conscious patient does not seek the short-term strategy, but a healthy lifestyle that moves him away from overweight. It is here where the urgency recedes into the background.
    3. It is in the long run where they will reflect the actual behaviour of an overweight patient, it is here the critical work on emotions and behaviour
    4. It will be a hard work support a caloric restrictions, then leading to uncontrolled and anxiety
  • WHY

    1. Experience shows that the application of emotional intelligence to the wrongly habits in the alimentation is really effective in their treatment and concrete and measurable results are achieved
    3. First we find a superficial level where the patient focuses at the aesthetic level, downplaying health and corrects habits, this is the basis of the second background
    4. If we take this explanation to the emotional intelligence, we can say
    5. that the loss of weight centred on the aesthetic plane, directly depends on the healthy level, so if we focus in the healthy plan, we will solve the aesthetic plane too, but the reverse way does not happen, we can focus on the aesthetic plane and lose weight with an strategy, but we will not be changing habits and focusing in the health
    6. Emotional intelligence can help you become aware to focus on the plane of health
    7. We should learn to manage our emotions, to be aware of what is the appropriate level and be sure to be on the right way to incorporate healthy habits to help us to fight weight problems
  • WHO

    Emotional intelligence can be applied to any sector of the population, and to any patient regardless of the origin of their overweight.
    Adults are supposed to have a deeper knowledge emotions, but this is not always, in fact, we constantly meet many adults who have a very low handling their emotions, making it difficult to greatly the fight against overweight
    Overweight adults should be aware of the importance of their role in the education of their children, particularly in the emotional education that can help them to overcome future overweight
    Second, but not least, we find the role of educators that has a decisive influence on the behaviour of underage
    The emotional education that the educators can transmit now, in the future can develop healthy people with less overweight problems


    • First of all we must start with a deep knowledge of what emotional intelligence means
    • Emotional intelligence will give us effective management of our emotions to achieve goals in our personal lives and relationships with others 
    • In the  problem of overweight, emotional intelligence is applied primarily in its intrapersonal aspect
    • Secondly, once we know the concepts of emotional intelligence in its intrapersonal aspect we must move on to the awareness phase
    • This awareness of one's emotions and how to handle them will be a fundamental support to overcoming overweight problems
    • Once the concepts of emotional intelligence are incorporated into our lives, we must internalize them in order to achieve concrete goals in the fight against overweight


    • Game, exercise and case studies related to the importance and application methods of emotional intelligence were applied to approximately 82 people for 6 different reasons.
    • 94% of the individuals who applied 1 exercise exercise shared that emotional intelligence can be used in healthy life and decided the importance of raising awareness about obesity.
    • 98% of the individuals who applied exercise 2 decided that it was ineffective on people who did not change their eating habits in the Miraculous menu.
    • 86% of the individuals who played the game decided to be motivated about being aware of their own situation and achieving their own goals.
    • 99% of the individuals who played the game 2 decided that the purchase was carried out under the influence of emotions and that their emotions would be effective in healthy nutrition with a change in the lifestyle.