You can take the tests we created to get to know yourself better about healthy eating. You can learn your assessment right at the end of the test. Our tests are updated over time.

Manage Your Emotions - 15 Question, 3 Diffrent Result - Start Test
By doing this quiz you can know if you use food to manage your emotions. If the result is positive then you can look for support about how to manage the emotion without using the food.
Family Time - 4 Question, 3 Diffrent Result - Start Test
Through this tool the respondent will be able to assess their current situation of spending time with their families. The learner will have a chance to think of and reflect on the quality of the time they spend with their family and in what kind of activities they mostly invest their time. Based on this information, the respondent will be able to reflect and think of the positive things or potential threats and risks, what should be kept on doing, or what should be changed or stopped at all